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Court litigation of your rights

Judicial protection of your rights: domain disputes in RU/РФ/SU, trade marks (brands), protection of company name, copyrights, photos, rights of the mass media, providers, hosters, marketplaces

Unfortunately it is not possible to resolve each conflict during the pre-judicial stage. If you or your opponent have made up the decision to meet in the court, then it is necessary to prepare for the procedure. We are ready to help you with this matter by providing you with the fullest possible protection of rights and legal interests from whatever claims. The service is rendered in Russia and, if it is necessary, in international “domain” arbitration centers.

The work is performed for the below listed domain zones: RU, SU, COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, INFO, MOSCOW and all the generic top-level domains, if a defendant (lawbreaker) is in Russia. In respect of the aforesaid international domain zones the international litigation is possible.

The current legislation allows you to collect compensation from offenders in the amount of up to 65.000 € for each offense.

Within the service provided: A comprehensive analysis of the situation is carried out and different scenarios are predicted based on different legal action/defense tools. All evidence that may be useful to the case is duly and promptly recorded.

A reasonable amount of possible compensation is determined and offered. This is followed by applying to the court and conducting the case (usually until one of the parties has completely exhausted the means of litigating). The period from applying to filing of a claim, as a rule, does not exceed 5 days.

Among the subjects of services provided are the following: domain disputes RU/РФ / SU / MOSCOW, protection of company names, copyrights, photos, media rights, marketplaces, providers, hosters, information intermediaries, etc.

The work is carried out in relation to the following domain zones: РФ, RU, SU, COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, INFO, MOSCOW and ALL genericdomains, if the defendant (the offender) is located in Russia. For international domain zones international proceedings are carried out.

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Internet & law
(the cost of our services can be enforced by action against the losing party)

Note: the stated prices are set for the typical situations and cover around 80% of the works in total. Exclusively the prices may either be decreased or increased: therefore it is necessary to fully describe the existing situation (as well as the necessary result) and send your version to the following e-mail:, afterwards you will receive the fixed price for your particular task.