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Rightholder protection in marketplaces
Protection of rights to the trademark, company name, copyright object on Russian marketplaces (Wildberries, Ozon, Avito, Yandex.Market, SberMegaMarket, etc.)

The rapid development of marketplaces has led to the fact that various brands are represented on them not only by the copyright holders and users of these brands, but also by numerous fakes or other counterfeit products. Unauthorized use of a trademark (brand) or company name by the copyright holder when selling fakes and/or counterfeit products on marketplaces is often illegal and violates the rights of the owner of the trademark or company name. Existing legal instruments make it possible to effectively fight with such use, especially since it can cause significant damage, including to the reputation of the trademark owner. Copyright holders also face similar problems.

The current legislation allows you to collect compensation from offenders in the amount of up to 65.000 € for each offense.

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Internet & law
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