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Judicial domain name examination

Judicial domain name examination (in order to establish similarity to trade marks, brands, company names, registered and/or protected in Russia)

In recent years a lot of good Internet projects has suffered from the fact that the domain name, chosen for registration coincided with (or was similar to) a registered trade mark or company name. As a consequence, according to the court decisions they lost domains. There are other examples, when threatening claims with scanned certificates for trade marks enclosed were sent to the owners of domain names. Then testing proved that the "evidence" was created in “Photoshop”.

To protect the bona fide owners of domain names we offer to carry out the search of trade marks (brands) and company names, protected in Russia, similar to the domain name in order to obtain reliable information about the persons whose rights may be infringed by using of the domain. The search covers both the Russian holders and all foreign ones, whose trade marks (brands) are protected in Russia.

Please note that in spite of the existing mistake:

1. The Russian domain administrator (owner) can be sued in the Russian court regardless of the domain registration zone (COM, NET, BIZ, etc.);

2. A suit concerning using of domains, assigned to Russia (RU, SU), can be brought to the Russian court regardless of the country, where the domain administrator is situated (whether it is a Russian company or a Cyprian offshore entity);

3. The widespread and / or a commonly used word can be registered as a trade mark (brand) in Russia and in the world;

4. If the domain had been registered before, then it is impossible to gain it.


Request: You send an e-mail letter ( with indication of the domain name and pay for services.

Result: You get an e-mail letter with a list of similar trademarks and electronic copies of the certificates for each of them.

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