Internet & law
Legal support in any disputed situation with intellectual property

We will fulfill the following. We will:

  • competently and clearly explain the "attacker", that he is wrong if he really does wrong,
  • conduct negotiations and resolve the conflict in accordance with law and to the mutual satisfaction of the parties,
  • offer simple steps to minimize legal risks in the future,
  • prepare a claim, a complaint and other documents required,
  • provide you with drafts of contracts, web site usage rules,
  • prepare a disclaimer, sample of a claim and response to a claim.

And also we will perform remote work concerning the following issues:

  • - legal support of Internet projects,
  • - elaboration of optimal schemes of payment in the electronic environment,
  • - drawing up of contracts, legal examination of copyright agreements,
  • - examination of the site for compliance with the legislation,
  • - elaboration of web site usage rules (forum usage rules) and contract-offers, in particular for Internet shops and other trading units,
  • - finding of reliable providers for placement of your site (including servers abroad),
  • - registration of domain names, advice on choosing of a domain name, consultations on the registration and use of domain names,
  • - consultation with the issue of a written opinion on the use and protection of intellectual property,
  • - drafting of claims, motions and other business documents,
  • - solution of other related legal issues.