Internet & Law

Contacts and banking details

Registration details:
ANO "Internet & Law"
Number: 1057746834452
INN: 7728547137

Head: Dr. Anton Sergo
Payment details:
account 40703810500050000126
at SMP Bank JSC, Moscow
c/a 30101810300000000503
BIC 044583503
Central Office:
5 Orshanskaya St., Molodezhny Business Center, Moscow, Russia
Meetings with new clients by prior arrangement
117321, г. Москва, ул. Профсоюзная, д. 152
АНО "Internet & Law", Серго А.Г.
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    Please write us a detailed description of your situation and the available documents,
    this will allow you to quickly and accurately orientate and help you if possible.

    A.G. Sergo, President: I will personally respond to each letter within a few hours.