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The Russian legal firm

Internet & Law

We have been working successfully since 1998. For 26 years now.

Difficult cases: we love, we can, we practice.

We have a unique practice
We have been working successfully for 25+ years and are among the TOP 30 companies
Experience and practice
Extensive specialized practice and knowledge of Internet-disputes
We are worthy of trust
NIKE, BBC, KLM, TASS, VK, HeadHunter, Wildberries
At the head is the only professor in the Russian Federation, Doctor of Law on Internet disputes
We provide affordable prices and fair results
The full cost of all works is known before signing the contract
“Internet and Law” legal company started working in 1998. In 2024 the company accomplished 26 years, and the web-site has been visited by more than 150 million. During these years the web-site has turned from the home page of Doctor in Law, Prof. Anton Sergo into the central area for discussions on key legal issues concerning the Internet in Russia. On its pages regulatory acts, interesting judicial decisions and urgent draft laws are published, that are discussed on the user forum of the web-site together with the their authors.

“Internet and Law” legal company render the full range of legal services, connected with intellectual property and the Internet excluding criminal cases. At present the basic activity of the company is concentrated on protection of the rights of trade mark owners, company name owners and domain name owners, and also owners of copyright in the Internet.

Since 1998 the basic activity of “Internet and Law” legal company has been concentrated on protection of the rights of trade mark owners, company name owners, domain name owners in the Russian and international courts, owners of copyright, protection of honor and reputation in the Internet. During the twenty years of practice the author has created a number of precedent cases for the area, won both in our country and in the WIPO UN Arbitration center.
The company has been included into TOP-30 of the Russian legal firms in the field of intellectual property and “TMT: technologies, media and telecommunications”. For example (rus): 2015, 2017, 2020, 2021.
During its existence the company have rendered services to more than eight hundred persons/companies. Our clients on the Internet disputes at various times were NIKE (4 domain name disputes were won), REUTERS, BBC, KLM, TASS (14 domain name disputes were won in Russia and 4 ones – in the WIPO Arbitration center), HeadHunter (12 domain name disputes were won in Russia and 2 ones – in the WIPO Arbitration center), WildBerries, VKontakte (in the WIPO Arbitration center), CIAN (in Russia and in the WIPO Arbitration center), NAVITEL (2 domain name disputes were won in the WIPO Arbitration center), VK, BBC, ITAR-TASS (14 domains in Russia and 4 ones abroad were won), SU-155, AKADO and many others.
The largest volume of the company’s work consists in preparation of the documents and/or participation in the judicial hearings in Russia and international arbitration courts concerning the following:
- domain disputes in the Russian courts with respect to RU, SU and other domain zones;
- domain disputes in international WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center (Geneva) with respect to COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, INFO zones etc.;
- protection of right to trade marks, company names, domain names;
- copyright to texts and photographs;
- protection of honor, dignity and business reputation; rights of mass media;
- protection of the owners of web-sites and “informational facilitators (providers of hosting services, communications service providers, search engines).
The President of the company – Sergo Anton Gennadyevich is MSAL graduate, professor, Doctor in Law, mediator, professor of MSAL chair on intellectual property, professor of UNESCO chair on intellectual property, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural History, the President of "Internet and Law" legal company, member of the Expert Council of the Regional Public Organization "Center of Internet Technologies", member of the Presidium of the Expert Council of the "Runet Prize" (National Prize of the Russian Federation), member of the Expert Council of the Russian Internet Forum, member of the Editorial Board of the "Copyright", "Works on Intellectual Property" (UNESCO), "Digital economy" magazines, expert of the Internet Development Institute, member of the Scientific Advisory Council at the Intellectual Property Court, author of more than 20 books and more than 300 of publications and interview concerning law and the Internet, that are published in Russia and abroad.

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