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Internet & law
Rospatent: State registration of copyright

State registration of computer programs, registration of the copyright to the site, registration of software and of the contracts of sale/purchase

The whole complex of works, connected with state registration of computer programs (including Internet sites) in Federal Service of intellectual property (Rospatent, rospatent), including overall and operative preparation of all necessary documents, as well as the delivery to all destinations and the receipt of certificate. During our activity we have registered nearly 100 programs from different countries and were no refused.

State registration of the copyright to site, software, database

Why it is necessary:

- Your site is original and individual, but who knows how long it will remain like this (sometimes similar sites appear in a couple of days),
- You need to sell your computer program and to show somehow that it is yours,
- You legally sell or buy software. You need to put in on the balance in order to individualize the purchase,
- Your employee has left from your company with all of his works created during the work time,
- Someone starts or going to start to distribute your program without your authorization,
- Your Internet site stopped to be unique due to the actions of lovers of free of charge design and content.
This can be avoided. The copyright appears form the moment of the work creation, but how else may you prove that this work is yours? Unfortunately there is a sad statement that the work belongs to “the one who managed to steal or register it firstly”.

Take into consideration possible situations and remember that the right should be registered before the conflict occurs.

What is required from your side:

1. You respond to the questionnaire and after we prepare all the documents.
2. You certify the power of attorney notarially and put the signatures on the documents prepared.
3. Afterwards you receive the official certificate.

Term of the service: 14-60 day.

P.S. Deposition volume:
- up to 69 pages for computer programs and sites,

- up to 49 pages for databases.

State registration of contracts of rights transfer (purchase-sale) to site, computer program, database

Elaboration of a formal contract of transfer of rights is carried out free of charge within the framework of the service.

Term of the service: 14-60 day.

Internet & law