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Internet & law

Pre-trial resolution

Participation in the pre-judicial stage of the conflict regulation: domain (domain name), trade mark, copyright, personal photos, honor, dignity, business reputation protection, intellectual property, mass media and etc.

In case any conflict in the legal sphere arise it is necessary to resolve it as soon as possible. Probably the parties may come to the mutually advantageous decision without court, it is not a secret, that the Russian courts are overloaded therefore the process may last for years and the final result can be not acceptable for both parties. It can be avoided in case both parties come to out-of-court settlement.

We are ready to help you with it. Our participation in the pre-judicial stage of the conflict regulation (according to the situation) can include the following:

- receipt of necessary information and documentation preparation for the conflict regulation in the pre-judicial stage;

- notary (or other upon the agreement) attestation of the site contents (notary work is paid separately according of the tariff);

- assessment of perspective and possibility of the conflict resolution in judicial order;

- receipt/sending/delivery of the necessary documentation to the persons involved in the process;

- participation in the negotiations/negotiating for the protection of rights or offence termination;

- presence in the registrar's office at the process of the domain transfer registration.

Look at those who have entrusted us with their protection and let's cooperate!
Internet & law